It’s a bitter sweet time of the year. School is back. Time to pack off the little ones once again, or maybe it’s for the first time. In either case there are sure to be feelings of relief and nostalgia all wrapped up in one delicious meal.

The house is empty, there’s hardly a sound to be heard, well except for the boiling of the kettle as you get home from that first drop off. You sit down after making yourself a coffee and enjoy the peace and quiet as you slowly take sip of that hot, black nectar, enjoying the peace and quiet. And then you start to wonder, how are they getting on in school, are they making friends, are they okay ……

But this is life, and our little munchkins have to start their owns journeys at some stage.

Now that we are a couple of weeks into the school year, I look back at the photos I took the day before my little ones started and remember how excited they were to be joining their big sister in “BIG GIRL” school. Indeed, looking back at the snaps I took over the summer I remember all the fun and adventures we had over the long summer holidays, and the fights and tantrums that were thrown don’t seem as bad. Well until next summer anyway