My Look Beautiful Dada

There is only sixteen months between my three daughters, and at times it is difficult to make time for them as individuals, and so when one or the other to my little angels asks if we can “go upstairs to play model and dada take photos, I’m only too happy to grab a few moments. So when my middle child (she is three minutes older than my youngest) asked me to take her photos, I wrapped her up in my arms and brought her upstairs. She was so full of self importance, capturing dada all to herself. She would happily pose for a photo or two before coming over to sit on my lap and check to make sure the pictures were to her satisfaction …. “good job dada”, “my like this one best”, “my look beautiful dada”. Freezing moments in time like time is priceless and I only wish I had the time to do it more often.

This session lasted no more than forty five minutes before her mother started calling for us …… we were heading out and it was time for our fun to end :-(. But, though the time for photographing was over for now, i know that in the years to come I will sit next to my little bundle of joy and we will reminisce together.