Document the Every Day ................

When most people think of a family photoshoot they think of a formal shoot in a studio. With everyone dressed up and some formal posing to obtain the desired shots.

Now while these shoots can be fun, and I will try my hardest to ensure that everyone has fun, it is not the only option available. Sometimes documenting the ordinary everyday life can be every bit as special. Watching your loved ones interact together and freezing moments of pure magic can often lead to some of the most special pictures you will ever own.

The below photos were taken while my children played away. Often oblivious to the camera and just being themselves. It is these photos that will spark memories on a cold winters evening in the years to come, as I sit and reminisce of yesteryear, in front of a blazing fire (carbon taxes permitting).

So don’t hesitate for another minute, book a photoshoot today and let me capture memories for you that will bring you joy for years to come.

Lifestyle sessions can be booked in the comfort of your own home and can also include the option of a formal portrait to round out the experience if you so desire.

The below images are of my little darlings building and creating with their play doh and purposefully edited in a strong black and white format to give the images a documentary feel . With only the occasional suggestion from me, before I once again faded into the background, my goal was to capture images of them playing and naturally interacting with one anther.