Because My Daddy is a Real Photographer You Know .....................

Normally, when my one of my daughters has a playdate I’m at work, however, it just so happened that my wife who organizes my little angels hectic schedule, arranged this playdate for a Saturday, so I was around. There’s nothing I enjoy more than listening to the squeals of joy that emanate from my girls while they play (but, I will admit, my little angels can become frustrated with their own company once in a blue moon), so having a playdate and someone else to interact with is a welcome distraction.

After a while, my daughter and her friend come into the kitchen and knowing she’s daddy’s pet, and can wrap me around her baby toe, my eldest looks to give me a hug ……… What’s up I ask? What have you done? NOTHING she replies. So what do you want I nervously ask? Daddy ……… can me and my friend have a photoshoot? She knew there was only ever going to be one answer …. Of course we can sweetie, and off we go to my little studio upstairs.

As we go upstairs, my little princess proudly announces “these photo’s will look great you know, because my daddy is a real photographer …….. he has all the gear” So no pressure!!!! Below are a few of the resulting images. I am very grateful to the parents of my daughters friend for allowing me to share the below images.