Can it be my Turn

When you have 3 little girls all around the same age - my eldest is 5 and her twin sisters are 4 - it can be difficult to make sure they all get some one on one attention.

Just as well in my house, that my little girls are not afraid to pipe up when they think they are being left out. And it just so happens, that one of my twins piped up a couple of evenings ago while I was watching TV - “Daddy when it be my turn to play model? You promise it be my turn soon.”

With her two big blue eyes looking up at me, tugging at my heart strings, I roused myself and said - “Right, lets go now. No time like the present!!!” And off we went upstairs for a bit of one on one time.

Normally she is a bit shy/awkward in front of the camera, but, maybe because she was getting her own way, or maybe because she was so happy at being the center of my world for a while, she rocked this session. I was really impressed with how the images turned out. I asked her to show me her favorites and below are the chosen few.