It's Raining, It's Pouring

It’s summer time and Daddy is at home minding the children while Mammy is hard at work. As it typical of an Irish summer it’s raining cats and dogs and the children are bored!!!!!

After watching TV for a couple of hours, daddy clears the little horrors and tells them it’s time to play. Daddy then boils the kettle, makes a coffee and sits down to relax for 10 minutes………..

There’s a shriek from down the corridor, quickly followed by lots more shrieking and laughing. What else is a dad to do but put down his coffee and quietly creep down the corridor to investigate the obvious mischief my three little rascals were getting up to now.

Upon seeing what was unfolding I quickly grabbed my camera and a couple of flashes and started to shoot. I mean, what else was I supposed to do ………………….

How Cute am I?

I am lucky to have a few friends who are happy to allow me to share a number of photos I take of their children when they call to my studio for a session.

The below images were taken not long after the youngest girl turned 9 months. She had been sitting for a few weeks by this stage and was delighted with herself!!!

This is what taking photos is all about for me. Capturing moments/memories that families will treasure forever. I keep my sets very simple to ensure that the focus is on you and your family.

So, why not arrange a visit to my studio to capture a memorable moment in your families lives.

Out and About

Once in a while, I like to take one or more of my daughters out for a bit of daddy daughter time. I love these one on one interactions and while they normally occur around a playground or a park, occasionally it just so happens that we will go somewhere and have a mini photo shoot. My eldest fancies herself as a model and loves days like this. She will often run around and find spots to pose while I slowly catch up to her .

Yesterday was one of those days. The following photos were taken at the stunning Fota Gardens. If you like the below photos from our day out, why not contact me and arrange a shoot of your own.

Create Memories

For me, photography is the art of creating memories. A photograph will capture a moment in time that can never be re-created.

Now, my wife is a very difficult woman to photograph!!! As soon as the camera comes out she generally vanishes. As a result when it comes to putting a family album together, there are very few pictures of her to add.

After months of nagging I was shocked when one dark evening she agreed to pose for a series of photos. Below are a few the images from this posed shoot. My next goal , will be to capture some candid photos of her with our three daughters.

So if you like these images, why not call and arrange a photo shoot, for you or a loved one. Having memories to look back on in years to come will be something you will never regret having taken the time to capture.

I'm Just a Sk8er Boi

My nephew is also my godson, and for his birthday this year I decided to arrange a little photo shoot.

He is a real cool dude ,and I wanted to capture this part of his personality. As a seven year old I wondered if he’d be a bit self conscious in front of the camera …….

There was no need to worry. Not only did he rock the shoot, he gave me attitude!!! I asked him to be confident and cool in front of the camera and that is exactly what he gave me. He was the Sk8er Boi!!!!

As his present I wanted to give him something a bit different and so I created one image where he is being broken up and had it printed on metal. I was delighted when he was thrilled with it and it now takes pride of place in his bedroom.

Below are a few of the images from the shoot. The 3rd image in the sequence is the one I had printed for him.

Can it be my Turn

When you have 3 little girls all around the same age - my eldest is 5 and her twin sisters are 4 - it can be difficult to make sure they all get some one on one attention.

Just as well in my house, that my little girls are not afraid to pipe up when they think they are being left out. And it just so happens, that one of my twins piped up a couple of evenings ago while I was watching TV - “Daddy when it be my turn to play model? You promise it be my turn soon.”

With her two big blue eyes looking up at me, tugging at my heart strings, I roused myself and said - “Right, lets go now. No time like the present!!!” And off we went upstairs for a bit of one on one time.

Normally she is a bit shy/awkward in front of the camera, but, maybe because she was getting her own way, or maybe because she was so happy at being the center of my world for a while, she rocked this session. I was really impressed with how the images turned out. I asked her to show me her favorites and below are the chosen few.

A "Nanas" Love

The relationship between a grandmother - “Nana” - and her grandchildren is something special to behold. The relationship between my mother and my eldest daughter is truly unique. She is the eldest granddaughter and from the beginning Nana has doted over her and as she’s grown it’s evident that my daughter returns that affection in spades!!!

The goal of this photo shoot was to capture the love that exists between Nana and granddaughter in a relaxed atmosphere, doing something they love to do together - BAKE. The resulting images are more than mere photos they are memories that I hope my daughter will look back on and treasure in years to come.

Family Portraiture

It’s not often that I will publish a family portrait session. Client confidentiality is of paramount importance to me and I will only ever publish a clients images with their permission. This is why generally you will only ever see images of my own family, my extended family or family friends who have given me permission published on this site or on my social media accounts.

However, a couple of weeks ago I was blessed to have the below family attend a session in my studio and was delighted to capture some memorable moments that I know they will treasure for the rest of their lives. I was over the moon when they gave me permission to publish a select few images from that shoot. I hope you enjoy the chosen images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

A Bunny and a Story

Dada, Dada can we play photographs and models please. How could any Daddy say no to such a request? This one certainly couldn’t.

 It is a simple setup. Like the majority of my shoots I wanted the focus to be on the model, not the props. Two simple instructions to my adorable little three year old. Get your favourite little teddy and a story book.

Is there a better way to while away an hour with one of your daughters than photographing her while she plays with “bunny” and reads Dada a story :-). #memories

 The following are a few of the resulting images.